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Southwest Art Magazine Emerging Artist

Colorado painter Ann Gargotto paints a variety of subjects, but she is mainly known for her colorful, expressive still-life works. Her inspiration often comes from beautiful objects close to her home in suburban Denver. “I might see a flower arrangement in my kitchen, and the afternoon light is hitting it in such a stunning way that I have to paint it,” Gargotto says. “Luckily, Colorado has so much beautiful light. It’s brilliant, and we can count on it for most of the year. I am always seeing light-and-shadow situations, and they are hugely exciting to me.”

Southwest Art Helps Reunite Family

When Ann Gargotto appeared in Southwest Art as an Artist to Watch in the March issue, she had no idea she would play a part in reuniting a long lost man with his family. But in the article she discusses a homeless man, Phillip, who she painted for a show held last fall in Denver. And that set the ball in motion.

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